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“Bikes in GT5 a possibility” – Yamauchi

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 November 2009One Comment

Gran Turismo 5Though we’d be happy if they just released the bloody thing with cars, Gran Turismo 5 producer and all-round speed-freak Kazunori Yamauci has revealed in an interview with IGN that, if fans really want racing of a two-wheeled nature in the upcoming racing simulator, it’s definitely possible.

On the topic of bikes making the cut in the game, Kaz says:

“If that’s what users really want in the game, I think that’s a possibility.”

Check out the interview for more details including:

  • There is something behind the mammoth size of the GT5 box seen on a recent behind the scenes video
  • You can race against The Stig’s times on the Top Gear tracks
  • The fabled Track Editor is still very much under wraps
  • No – there are no concrete US or EU release dates for the game (it releases in Japan in March)
  • Weather/time effects are still not decided upon though they are technically possible. Which sounds to us like they’ve developed the technology but are still undecided whether or not to keep it as part of the final product.

Kazunori also reveals what real-life car he’d most like to get his hands on right now is. It’s the Tesla Roadster S and, yes, it’s in the game.