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Blue Toad Murder Files coming to the PSN in December

Submitted by on Monday, 2 November 2009One Comment

blue_toad_groupRelentless Software has just given new details about their first self-published PSN title, Blue Toad Murder Files.

With a release date seemingly set in stone, find out what to expect when the game launches this year.

Relentless Software are known for their successful Buzz! franchise, and are going in a different direction for their latest PSN title by making it a cooperative multiplayer experience. Don’t worry though, the developer insists that Buzz! isn’t being abandoned and that more are being made. In the interview done by Jem Alexander from the EU PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that Blue Toad Murder Files should be releasing in the US and EU at the same time.

When Blue Toad hits the PSN on December 17th, you will be able to download the first two episodes. The game will be purchasable in a bundle or you can just get each episode individually. Later episodes will be released sometime in 2010. Enough reading for now, watch the video interview below for all the details:

Relentless was recently interviewed by PS3Attitude, and we were able to get some very interesting details regarding Blue Toad Murder files.  If you want to know how long each episode is going to be, you’ll definitely want to read it.

Are you looking forward to Blue Toad? Do you like the idea of it being episodic content? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.