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Bonus Stages in Super Street Fighter IV confirmed by Famitsu

Submitted by on Wednesday, 4 November 2009No Comment

SSFIV_ryu_bonusAditya from the Shoryuken forums just posted some scans from the latest Famitsu magazine and it reveals the return of bonus stages in SSFIV! Not only that but the scans also give insight to some of the new online features.

Thanks to the keen eye of those at iplaywinner, these new details regarding Super Street Fighter IV have come to our attention. As of right now the scans show Ryu fighting a car, just like the good ol’ days. There is also a screenshot of the classic room of barrels for some wood kicking action.

According to Kajiki from SRK, there are three new online modes in Super Street Fighter IV:

Pretty cool. It seems like 8 players is the max they think they will be able to support online, which is more than enough imo.

So now we have:

Endless Battle : Basically a lobby system. Hopefully like quarter match, and im hoping that spectators will not contribute to lag issues. (8 players max)

Team Battle : Ranging from 2v2 to 4v4. (Guessing that it is based of a points system.)

Replay Channel : Watch match replays with other players online. Voice chat enabled.

This is definitely exciting and despite the game not releasing until sometime next year, there is already so much hype for SSFIV. If you want to view the scans, definitely check out the link below from iplaywinner.

Details are still being translated by the awesome people at SRK, so as more information becomes available, we’ll keep you updated.