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Super Street Fighter IV – The New Modes trailer and details

Submitted by on Friday, 6 November 2009No Comment

SSFIV_menuThe official Super Street Fighter IV website has updated and a trailer showcasing the new modes has been unearthed.

How does Capcom keep making Street Fighter relevant? By adding everything the fans wanted, of course!

While it was revealed in Famitsu that bonus stages are making its return, there were some additional details that were translated that discussed new online modes. The newest update on the SSFIV blog gives full details on what each mode is going to be like, and it sounds like pure win.

Of course, not knowing how to read Japanese that well causes a problem when trying to understand everything on the website. The good news is that the awesome people at iplaywinner noticed that a user named Jigsaw translated all the important details on his blog. You have been warned though, the information is overly awesome.


Akuma truly is evil...

The first mode revealed is Endless Battle. This basically is the mode that everyone originally wanted in Street Fighter IV, but couldn’t have. The setup is pretty standard. There is a lobby that supports up to eight players, and the winner keeps playing until they are beat. While your opponents are engaging in combat, you can spectate and voice chat with others.

The second mode is called Team Battle. Just as the name implies, you play against another team of fighters online. The mode supports up to eight players, and you can manually set up the teams or have the game automatically do that for you. The teams can be completely unbalanced if you wanted, so any combination of eight players works. This mode also allows for spectating and voice chat, just like Endless Battle.

The third mode is the Replay Channel. Here you can basically just sit back and watch any type of match of your liking. You can customize the search fields to include only certain characters, and you can even save the replays. Voice chat and spectating is supported, just like the previous modes.

The final mode revealed is the Tournament Mode. This mode should be quite popular as it allows for brackets to be made, just like an actual tournament. The winner receives a title to display on their name as well, so that’s pretty neat. A tournament mode was actually available in SSFIITHDR, and was a blast to play. As expected, you can spectate and voice chat with all the players. Similar to the Championship update in SFIV, this mode is going to be released as DLC after the game comes out.

Here’s the epic trailer:

So what do you think? Is Super Street Fighter IV going to exceed expectations? Be sure to check the link below from iplaywinner for all the details that have been compiled so far.


Update: Capcom has released the trailer in English.