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ESRB rates Deadly Premonition for PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 November 2009One Comment

Deadly PremonitionThe game previously known as Rainy Woods resurfaced this week when it was revealed as a survival horror budget exclusive for the 360 with the new title of Deadly Premonition.

We didn’t mention it because, well, it was hardly PS3 related – unless you count a game previously mentioned for Sony’s console no longer getting a release.

Well, it appears the ESRB, who have the noble task of rating the games we finally get to play, have confirmed the game will make an appearance on the PS3 after all.

The game sounds like a laugh-a-minute riot. In the tradition of similar weird and macabre titles from the genre (think Silent Hill and Siren), Deadly Premonition has all the great traits of your staple horror action game. Toxic gas, strange goings-on at a town in the middle of nowhere, and even someone called the Raincoat Killer who you’ll actually get to control at one point. Murderous.

We fully expect Deadly Premonition to be so bad, it’s good. The Showgirls of the survival horror genre.

Of course publisher Ignition have yet to fully confirm the title for the PS3, though some anecdotal evidence in the recent screenshots for the 360 version did show PS3 button prompts rather than just the expected “Press A or B” indicators. So, we had an inkling. And anyway, the ESRB rarely get their platforms mixed up.

Source: Destructoid