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Dylan Cuthbert talks to PS3 Attitude; the results!

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 November 20092 Comments

PJ-ShooterNever ones to shy away from new technology, or probably because we’re suckers for trying new things and watching as they combust around our ears in the process, today marked the inaugural PS3 Attitude Twitter interview.

Or “Twitterview” – if you’re down with that whole brevity thing.

The subject of our maiden experiment in social tomfoolery was one Dylan Cuthbert, producer extraordinaire of Kyoto based Q-Games and all round great guy for signing up to be our guinea pig.

Dylan and his team’s games have long been held at the highest regard here at PS3 Attitude – most notably the PixelJunk series, a collection of titles that focus more on balanced and intuitive game-play rather than the garish “throw more polys at it until it looks pretty” ethos. From Racers to Eden to the addictive and marriage destroying Monsters, each and every one of their titles have left us eagerly awaiting the next.

Which is a nice segue to PixelJunk Shooter – the impending cavernous “shooter” with a heady dollop of physics and beautiful elemental effects. It’s also a title we’ve already spent some time with, transfixed by its charms at this year’s GamesCom, and one that very well might herald in a new age of retro-esque gaming.

The full transcription of the interview can be found here, but if you’re not keen on wading through a long and fragmented Twitter conversation, here are the main points.

  • Famed for their 2D design aesthetic, Q-Games are not adverse to the idea of re-entering the third dimension. However, Dylan doesn’t see the current trend of 3D gaming as displaying a “great deal of innovation” with the vast majority of next-gen games espousing the same tried and trusted 3D model. He does rate LittleBigPlanet, however, a game that we agree has managed to marry new gaming trends with old-school playability.
  • PixelJunk Shooter has been in development for approximately one year. The extended time span between game releases can be explained by the fact that the studio were also hard at work on PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP during this time.
  • Shooter will not be as hard as previous PixelJunk games. Mostly because its “design simply didn’t warrant it.”
  • Dylan has been a fan of The Orb for twenty years and is especially stoked for them to contribute music to the game.
  • Shooter’s influences range from Boulderdash to, from a structural perspective, Super Mario Bros.
  • Despite some backlash regarding its name, Dylan is not adverse to having the public name future Q-Games’ titles “or other interesting ideas like it.”
  • Sony won’t give Shooter a Platinum Trophy (like larger PSN titles such as Trine), no matter how often they ask. The game is complete so no need for a petition guys, it’s not getting one.
  • There is “an excellent Home reward” in relation to Shooter
  • There are no plans for an online mode for Shooter apart from the score attack mode). It costs money and “we’re small.”
  • They have no plans to factor the PlayStation Motion Controller into any future game but, like all new technology, they’ll definitely take a look at it. It would need “a special idea to make that move.”
  • PixelJunk Dungeons is pretty much “unrecognisable” from earlier iterations with numerous ideas “warped considerably.” Unfortunately there is no news on when we might see Dungeons (in any form).
  • Finally, after cheekily asking for a job in Kyoto for Staff Writer Brodiesan, Dylan assured potential employees out there that the studio reviews each and every resume they receive. So, budding artists, programmers, designers – start sending!

  • We’d like to thank Dylan once again for his invaluable time. We know it was getting late in Kyoto when he took time out to speak/tweet with us and we especially appreciate how forthcoming he was with his answers. Keep an eye out for future Twitterviews here at PS3 Attitude. You never know who will turn up next to answer our questions in 140 characters or less.

    PixelJunk Shooter is released on December 24th in Japan with a NA and EU release date possibly sooner. When it’s confirmed by the powers that be, we’ll let you know.