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Fairytale Fights – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Saturday, 7 November 20092 Comments

Fairytale Fights Box ArtOnce upon a time, there was a girl in red, a boy with a pumpkin on his head, a princess, and a little naked man; all of whom lived in a land filled with books and fantasy creatures. One day, they all lost their fairytale fame and fortune so now they must find a way to get it back.

This isn’t your average kid’s story however. Angry lumberjacks, sharp knives and buckets of blood are commonly seen throughout Fairytale Kingdom. Is this tale a classic or is it bound for the used book bin?

The premise of Fairytale Fights is intriguing. Throw in a few of the most popular fairytale characters and have them hack ‘n slash their way through hundreds of cute and cuddly creatures sounds like a blast. Unfortunately, its execution is daunted by frustrating controls, repetitive levels and an overall generic experience.

Players choose can choose one of four classic characters; Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Jack (of Beanstalk fame) or the Naked Emperor. There are 22 chapters in this fairytale story that will have you fighting lumberjacks, gingerbread men, and soldiers, not to mention the many boss battles.

Graphically, Fairytale Fights is beautiful. The cartoonish style works wonderfully with animated bloodshed. For a game that doesn’t have a spoken word, it’s surprisingly easy to follow what’s going on. The cut scenes scattered throughout are reminiscent of watching and episode of Itchy & Scratchy; an excellent combination of humor and violence.


Movement is controlled with the left analog stick while attacking with the right. Initially, it feels weird attack with the movement of a stick rather than a button but you eventually get the hang of killing with a flick of the thumb.

Speaking of death, there are literally over 150 different ways to kill your enemies. Weapons can either be blunt, sharp, bows, guns, potions or wands. The instruction booklet has a nifty index of every weapon available. The developers go the extra mile to make each weapon have a different sound when wielded. Saws have that familiar wobbly sound while flutes will make music. It’s the little things that make the difference.

Kill enough fairytale creatures and you’ll be able to execute a Glory Attack. Depending on what weapon you have, you’ll unleash a fury of attacks on your unsuspecting victims. If you have a sharp weapon, you’ll be able to see Real Time Dynamic Slicing. That’s just a fancy term for cutting them up in itty-bitty pieces.

Fairytale Fights features a solid amount of gameplay, albeit frustrating. Prepare to die…a lot. Not so much from enemies slicing you in half, but more from getting squished or falling off the nearest cliff. There are segments where you will easily die upwards of ten times before you get it right. It’s not from a lack of skill either, as I’ve encountered many online players who have the same problems.

Fairytale Fights Blood

Thankfully, you have an infinite number of lives at your disposal. With each death, any money you have collected pours out like blood. In a matter of seconds you can go from thousands of dollars to pennies (or whatever currency the game uses).

Boss encounters can be equally annoying and downright repetitive, requiring you to go through the same attack patterns plenty of times before they are taken down. There are even a few of which you’ll face multiple times.

On the plus side, you can take on Fairytale Kingdom with up to three friends, locally or online. Players can jump in and out whenever for a smooth transition between single and multiplayer. Things can become somewhat hectic with four players onscreen at once.

Also, should you encounter one of those frustrating death traps mentioned above; you have to wait until everyone in the group passes it, which could take a while for some parts. An option to spawn where the rest of the team is would be a much welcomed addition.

If you become tired of the usual story mode, then you can try your hands on Arena Mode. This is a Smash Bros. type mode in which you face off against your friends in a fight to the death. There are three different arenas to battle in, with more on the way.

Fairytale Fights Co-Op

Fairytale Fights is a game we have been excited to play since we first saw it way back at E3. We wanted to fall in love with the cutesy bloodbath, but it just doesn’t do it for us. Admittedly, the more players there are the more fun it is.

Although appealing to the senses, the gameplay can be a nuisance and struggles from a lack of variety. This is one fairytale that just wasn’t meant to be told.