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Firmware 3.10 allows users to send error reports to Sony

Submitted by on Friday, 20 November 20095 Comments

error report 6Has your PS3 ever frozen randomly? Sony wants to know about it. Thanks to firmware 3.10, Sony now allows users to send an error report after an improper shutdown.

Freezing is an annoying issue and there is no way for everyone to be able to report such errors in an easy way. While it’s unknown what exactly is being sent to Sony, expect information about your software and hardware to be sent. According to a disclaimer before sending in the report, this includes PSN account information, the content saved on your PS3, and your email address. This information will be sent if it was being used during the time of the problem.

error report 3

Should we be alarmed? Doubtful.

Hopefully this will make certain freezes a thing of the past, especially for the PS3 web browser. In fact, that’s how we were able to get these pics without fail. After opening up YouTube XL on the browser, a freeze came within the next 10 minutes. Such a dependable freezing technique hopefully showcases the problems that exist so that Sony can fix the bugs ASAP.

When you start up your PS3 after a freeze expect to see this message:

error report 1

Yes, I want to spam SCE!

What do you guys think? This is probably one of the more practical features of firmware 3.10. We’d rather spam Sony with error reports than spam facebook friends with trophy notifications…but that’s just us. Don’t forget to check out our firmware 3.10 impressions.

[Many thanks to Appo for bringing this to our attention]