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NEIN! Germany to miss out on Aliens Vs. Predator

Submitted by on Thursday, 12 November 2009No Comment

AVPIt never fails to amaze us how certain countries (we’re looking at you Australia) seem to constantly get their collective panties in a bunch over gore and sex in videogames; an entertainment medium now widely accepted as quite appealing to adults

With the recent furore over “that scene” in MW2 (and we’re looking at you FOX News and CNN this time) it would appear we’re not as progressive as we’d like to be. Of course, at least that particular game got released in all its controversial glory. Share a thought for German Aliens and/or Predator fans who won’t even have the opportunity to be offended with┬áSega confirming via a press release (and again to Joystiq) that the upcoming Aliens Vs. Predator game will not be submitted to the USK (Germany’s classification board) and hence preventing the game from being released in the country.

The reason quoted is that getting the title passed in the country would be near impossible “without significant cuts that would harm the gameplay experience”.

No news on whether Australia will be getting the xenomorphs or not at this moment in time, but this new practice of simply skipping countries with notoriously stringent rating boards is an interesting, if not somewhat worrying, trend.

We’ve keep you posted.