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Home starting to realise potential, says Buzz developer

Submitted by on Monday, 16 November 2009No Comment

Home ZombiesBuzz’s executive director Andrew Eades from Relentless Software has shared with his views on PlayStation Home such as its value to the PS3 and what the future holds.

It’s a very controversial project amongst gamers as they are divided between seeing it as a waste of Sony’s resources, and thinking it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

So where does Andrew stand on this subject? For him it isn’t exactly his cup of tea:

Home doesn’t appeal to me personally that much. I understand that it appeals to a lot of people. I’ve got no idea why.

Despite this, he does believe it is improving rapidly and can see that it is starting to come into its own:

[It] was announced early… and when it was first launched there wasn’t quite enough to do in it. If you look at Home now – I think every fortnight now they put something else up – this stuff is starting to come through. Only now you’re starting to see that it’s realising its potential. Even now probably not quite as much as everyone would like to do. But Sony has to build the tools to allow people to create content for it.

For him, PlayStation Home is a platform in its own right and they even have a game in their minds that they are considering for the service, in addition to the current dedicated Buzz! space.

Here at PS3 Attitude, we run regular Homerun articles that cover the week’s news and content for the online service. Since starting the articles back in March, we have seen PlayStation Home explode to what it is today, which is great but there is still room for a lot of improvement in features and content.

However in our view, Home is on the road to even better things, but it will never win over the whole gaming crowd.