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The Homerun – 5th November 09; Uncharted, Motorstorm and PSPgo

Submitted by on Thursday, 5 November 20092 Comments

New_HomerunThis week on the Homerun we will cover the new content to arrive for PlayStation Home in Europe and North America.

So keep reading for this week’s injection of news and views of what’s new in Sony’s online world.

First off we will start with Europe which is getting an exclusive event entitled the PSPgo Team Trial.

This space is the re-dressed Presentation Podium arena where you and three other people can work as a team and perform a series of actions for a special prize.

Once you have completed a challenge, you can download the next challenge with the help of a Home PSPgo!

Unfortunately you cannot keep it and it is limited to the duration of the event. Maybe if we can get enough people on board we can campaign to have the chance to keep it?

One of the problems that we discovered is if you’re playing with complete strangers, they sometimes have the tendency to wonder off and leave the challenge, meaning you have to start all over again from the beginning.

So what do you get for completing all the challenges we hear you ask? A limited edition PSPgo Vortex t-Shirt of course! The shirts are actually animated like similar ones found in the North American Home, and they are quite cool.

Like the PlayStation EU Blog says, they do look much better in the flesh than on a static screenshot…

It's like magic!

It's like magic!

Finally to celebrate the launch of a certain PSP game, if you’re quick enough, you can download both male and female MotorStorm Arctic Edge snow jackets!

These will be available to only 3000 users so if you want to get them, be very very fast!

We’re sad to say that’s it for Europe this week, so what’s next? North America…

Well it isn’t really content as such but instead a competition. Between 8am PT today and 12pm PT Friday you can win a very limited edition Fortune Hunter Edition copy of Uncharted 2.

To win it, you must post the very top score for the Ganesh mask game in the Uncharted 2 space in PlayStation Home.

You couldn't say no to one of these could you?

You couldn't say no to one of these could you?

Included in the bundle is a copy of the game, Phurba Dagger ornamental replica, book case with art book autographed by the Naughty Dog team, a lot of free downloads, and a strategy guide.

You must live in the United States to be eligible, with full details available here.

It really is a very cool prize and you have to be very skilled to beat the rest of the country in this one. Good Luck to everyone who competes and it would be great if one of our readers are the lucky winners.

And sadly that really is it for this week, and as you can tell, there isn’t a great deal to talk about but what we do have is great nevertheless.

PS3 Attitude would like to hear your thoughts on PlayStation Home now as we approach the 1st year anniversary next month of the service being open to the public. Has your opinion of it changed after your initial impressions, are you a regular visitor, and what is your favourite part of the service?

If we get enough responses in the comments section below we will post the best of them in our next Homerun.