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MAG Beta Round 4; Fight!

Submitted by on Monday, 9 November 20094 Comments

MAG Beta 4MAG is still awhile away from its January 26th release date and the beta has been moving along quite well according to Zipper Interactive. Starting today, the beta program will enter its next phase – Beta 4 which features more than 6,000 changes!

This beta program is only open to those who have pre-ordered MAG through GameStop. Naturally we’re not going to list all 6,000 but here are some of the highlights.

  • Level cap increased from 40 to 60
  • Retooled skill tree and experience curve
  • Improved ranking system
  • Improved character hit detection and reactions
  • Skill tuning
  • Refined leadership abilities and experience points

In addition, two major features are implemented in Beta 4; proximity chat and Shadow War bonuses. As you close the distance between you and the enemy, you’ll be able to hear their communication more clearly. Also, entire PMCs will earn bonuses depending on which PMC is leading in contracts.

  • Leading in┬áSabotage gains experience points
  • Leading in Acquisition increases leadership aura distance
  • Leading in Domination decreases tactical strike cooldown time

To top everything off, MAG Beta 4 servers will run 24/7. No longer are you limited to pre-scheduled play times during the week. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet, be sure to head over to GameStop and pick up a voucher. See you on the battlefield.