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Mass: We Pray (and then go to Hell)

Submitted by on Friday, 20 November 2009No Comment

Mass We Pray (Dante's Inferno)It’s not everyday that we report on a Wii game but this one was just to enticing to pass up. Mass: We Pray brings all the fun of going to church and celebrating the sacraments with a realistic cross controller and kneeling bench.

Check out their website for a trailer showing all the heavenly fun…

Alright, so Mass: We Pray doesn’t actually exist. In fact, it’s the latest marketing stunt for EA and Dante’s Inferno; this time focusing on the 6th Circle of Hell, Heresy.

Clicking on any of the links on the site brings up a box with the following:

He who betrays the beliefs of the Church blackens his soul with the sin of Heresy. A Mass nor celebrated by ordained priest or on consecrated soil is naught but false ritual condemned by clergy. Thou hast befouled thine eyes with the filth of profane works and betrayed all things sacred. For thy punishment, thou shalt be damned to burn in flaming tombs and hang from enflamed crosses. And an eternity of infernal fire will not cleanse thee.

Those are some harsh words indeed. You’ll also be treated with the latest trailer for Dante’s Inferno along with the “Go to Hell” Facebook app where you can send either friends or pages to one of the circles of Hell.

This being a long line of rather ingenious, although controversial, stunts for Dante’s Inferno, we can’t help but wonder what they have in store for the remainder circles of Hell.