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Modern Warfare 2 update is live

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 November 20092 Comments

Callofdutymodernwarfare2boxartfourzerotwo wasn’t lying when he said that the trophy fix was going to be released ASAP.  When you start up MW2, you will be prompted to download version 1.02.

Infinity Ward is definitely trying to keep the user satisfaction level high by releasing a patch just a day after MW2 hit shelves. With this 15MB update, everyone will be able to get their trophies now without any issues.

What about the party invite frustrations, you ask? Well, on Friday a fix for the party system will be released, and then all will be right in the world once again.  Until then, go get your trophies and enjoy the game!

Updated: November 11, 2009

We've heard from Activision, and the word is that the PS3 servers are currently down. The multiplayer issues people are experiencing are not related to the v1.02 patch, and they are working on getting the servers back up ASAP.