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MW2 NOT banned in Russia; No Russian scene removed at will by Acti

Submitted by on Tuesday, 17 November 2009No Comment

Modern Warfare 2 Contrary to popular belief (also known as: the Internet), Modern Warfare 2 is currently not banned in Russia.

After a media storm over that scene in Infinity Ward’s latest blockbuster, reports of recalls and ban-hammers falling akimbo in the Motherland are, according to Activision when speaking to Eurogamer, spurious to say the least.

That said, the game in Russia is somewhat different to the one you’ve likely played.

The contentious “No Russian” scene, in fact, has been totally excised in the version currently on sale in Russia. It should be noted however that, considering Russia doesn’t have a game ratings board, Activision have stated that the scene’s removal was at their own discretion after taking legal advice and not due to any form of censorship or threats of banning from the Russian government.

So, all those reports about angry Russian PS3 and 360 gamers up in arms over the ban are false. For a start, the game is currently only available on the PC in the country.

Ah, the Internet, next you’ll be saying Facebook is coming to the PS3. Oh, hang on, wait a second …