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Naughty Dog confident 40K penalty for plug-pullers justified

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 November 20098 Comments

Uncharted 2We hate plug-pullers*. Really, if there was one practice we’d like to abolish from online gaming, this would be it.

Many studios are now implementing “penalties” for leaving a game early, the latest being Naughty Dog who are dishing out hefty 40,000 fines for players who mysteriously vanish from the fray.

Replying to comments over on the official Naughty Dog forums from players who deem this penalty to be “unfair” and “excessive”, Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer believes the studio are following the correct path in order to keep the game honest for everyone.

The developer will keep an eye on public opinion, however, just in case people start to revolt over the issue. Arne says:

Currently we’re confident we’ve made the right decision regarding penalties for leaving the match—remember you don’t get docked any cash for the FIRST time. We’re keeping a close eye on in-game stats and forums and we will make adjustments if and when we feel they are warranted.

How has Uncharted 2’s MP been working out for you guys? Getting any freezes and hence subjected to this punishment? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Examiner

*Plug-pulling is the practice of, rather than taking your beating like a man/woman, you “pull the plug” on a game to prevent incurring a loss. Shame on you plug-pullers.