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No More Heroes No More Exclusive – coming to PS3 in 2010

Submitted by on Wednesday, 18 November 2009No Comment

NMHReaders of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu got a surprise this month when, flicking through the popular periodical, they found one of the Wii’s best games staring back at them with updated graphics and the words “PS3/360” adorned above.

No More Heroes, Goichi Suda’s seminal action romp featuring the trials and tribulations of cocky anti-hero Travis Touchdown, might be one of best “more hardcore” games on Nintendo’s super-selling console. Unfortunately, akin to some other 3rd party titles on the Wii, it just didn’t sell as well as expected – especially if you consider the install base the Wii currently boasts.

All aboard the port train people.

This isn’t the first time Suda51 has hinted that his baby was jumping ship. Though NMH’s official sequel, “Desperate Struggle”, is set for a release next year on the Wii, Suda-san has intimated before that future editions in the series would be for Wii’s successor or other next-gen consoles.

Scans of the announcement can be found here where you can also check out the new “Very Sweet Mode”. With the ladies of the game shunning more clothing than usual, it’s very sweet indeed.

The scans aren’t great (a bit like our Japanese) but we’re working through the images to provide a full translation. One thing we can work out is that the “re-imagining” of the first game on HD consoles now has the subtitle “Eiyuutachi no Rakuen” (Heroes’ Paradise). Actually rakuen can also mean “pleasure garden” but we’ll stick with paradise for now.

The port hits Japan on February 25th with no news at the moment on the possibility of a Western port.

Original source: PS3Center
Additional source: Joystiq