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Sony change PSN Terms of Service [UPDATE]

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 November 20099 Comments

PSNIn what will likely become an unpopular move by many, Sony has changed their PlayStation Network Terms of Service with immediate effect and this will have consequences for some people.

In the past, many people have abused the allowance of activating a PSN account on up to five PS3 systems and chose to share their login details to other users.

This would mean that other users could get access to those games and other paid items for free.

So Sony has finally decided to do something about it, sort of.

If “Network Content” is purchased via your account on any of the activated PS3 systems, it cannot be re-downloaded within twenty four hours after your last download on any of the other systems.

There is also something called “Local Content” and this can be freely downloaded and installed on any PSN account on a single PS3 system.

Consumers won’t really benefit from this change, but we believe this will be music to developers’ ears that people are now even less likely to get their games for free.

We think that this minor change will do little to deter people from sharing their details anymore than before.

How about you? Is this change acceptable or should they do more?¬†Share your views in the comments below…

Updated: November 26, 2009

Since first publishing this article, we have discovered that gamers can still activate five systems per account after all as "three" was, in fact, a simple typo. Our apologies for any tears/sweat/blood caused.