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Sony presentation shows final PS3 Wand controller design (maybe)

Submitted by on Friday, 20 November 20099 Comments

PS3 Motion ControllerThe recent Sony presentation delivered to investors has been a veritable treasure trove of new information regarding Sony’s plans for the future.

33 million PSN users, a firmware update planned to make all PS3s 3D compatible, not to mention new avenues for premium content to expand on to the PSN – the list goes on.

One thing that we almost missed on our first pass through the document, however, was the image accompanying the section where Sony rattle off the “5 Key Advantages of the PS3.”

Number #1 is the new Motion Controller but, if you look closely, have they actually gone and shown the final design of the new device?

The actual look and feel of the new PS3 Motion Controller* has evolved somewhat since its early days in the R&D department when it literally was just a tube with a ball on top, held together by some sticky tape.

The Motion Controller depicted in the above slide, however, is everything we’ve come to expect from Sony. Dark, sleek, and still looks a lot like a penis.

What do you think? Have Sony inadvertently shown us what the new device will look like when it hits in spring of next year?

*Side note: Sony, please release the name already. We’re getting tired typing Sony PS3 Motion Controller every time we have to mention it.