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Super Street Fighter IV – New Fighters Trailer

Submitted by on Thursday, 26 November 2009One Comment

SSFIV Adon It was just revealed yesterday that Adon, Cody, and Guy were joining the Super Street Fighter IV cast. IGN not only has tons of pictures of the new challengers, but they also have a trailer that showcases all six of the new characters!

Capcom really knows how to make Street Fighter news a everyday occurrence, but we aren’t complaining. The new trailer is awesome.

The English voice cast for all six new characters are revealed, and that’s a good and bad thing. Some of the characters just don’t sound right while others sound decent enough. We’ll most likely be changing most characters to their Japanese voice actors like in the original Street Fighter IV. The announcer for SSFIV just manages to sound more awful after each word and we hope something can be done about that.

For whatever reason Cody is still sporting his jail attire from Street Fighter Alpha 3, and he’s still chained up as well. In the trailer he beats up Chun-Li (not likely to ever happen, by the way) and throws a knife at her. If this wasn’t a trailer to show off the new characters, we all know that Chun-Li would have kicked the knife right back at Cody. She’s just that good…

Adon seems to get his revenge on Sagat and his voice actor sounds amazingly similar to the one from Alpha. His moves look to compliment the game very well as well, and it will be very interesting to see how he sizes up against Sagat and the other cast of characters.

Guy appears to be awesome. His moves look to be combo-tastic and devastating at the same time. Out of all three characters, Guy appears to just be a really fun character to watch and hopefully play as.

That’s enough reading for now. Enjoy the new trailer below:

What do you think? Doesn’t that announcer sound awful? The music makes up for it though.