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Super Street Fighter IV Information Overload

Submitted by on Monday, 16 November 2009No Comment

SSFIV_Akuma_ownedCapcom has just released two new videos of  Super Street Fighter IV with tons of new images to gawk at.

Not only that, but “friend of the site” Jeff Rubenstein interviewed Seth Killian and asked a few questions that came from the readers of the PlayStation Blog. It’s definitely worth watching.

We’ve been keeping up with all the information regarding Super Street Fighter IV and any fan will appreciate new videos and screen shots. In these videos we get to hear the new announcers voice clearly. It sounds weird and a bit misplaced. Perhaps it’s because we’re so used to the old excited sounding announcer, but this new guy is very distracting.

In the next video way down below,Jeff Rubenstein defends Chun-Li’s honor. We know that Capcom is supposed to be hyping Juri up, but she’s no Chun-Li and that’s a fact. Thank you Jeff Rubenstein!

Moving on now…

Capcom’s Seth Killian reveals that practically everything is being redone in Super Street Fighter IV. Some of the changes are subtle, like differences in the backgrounds of the stages for instance. Other changes will be pretty apparent, like the changes in the menu backgrounds and character select screen.

Fans of T.Hawk should be pleased to know that they really want to make him a character to be feared. In comparison to Zangief, Seth stated that T.Hawk might be even more dangerous than our lovable Russian friend. We’ll have to wait until the game comes out to know if that will be true or not. The piledriver that T. Hawk does is also going to be easier to do, so that should help some of the noobier of gamers play as him better. Or maybe they’ll just mess up doing it more frequently and will get punished for doing so. Either way, it sounds like a win to us.

In terms of balance, Seth stated that the characters aren’t necessarily going to be nerfed. Instead, characters are going to be buffed by being given new moves and tactics to utilize. Even Sagat is going to be given new moves, which of course is great for the Sagat fan. Not so great for those that constantly lose and moan about fighting him though.

Did you like the very challenging hard trials in Street Fighter IV? Were you able to finish them to get the platinum trophy, or did that stop you in your path to 100%? When asked if we will have to go through all the hard trials again, Seth Killian revealed that there will be NEW hard trials to be tortured by. Much thanks goes to Jeff Rubenstein for asking my question (at 6:42 into the video).

According to the updated fact sheet from Capcom, Super Street Fighter IV still has an undetermined price and will be releasing in Spring 2010. Before the original Street Fighter IV came out, there was a PlayStation Home Q&A session with Seth Killian and John Diamonon, so hopefully that happens again.

Enjoy some of the new high quality images below and let us know what you think. Is the new announcer full of fail? Or do you think he’s awesomesauce?

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