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Two Worlds II confirmed for PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 26 November 2009One Comment

Two Worlds IIThough a certain console’s name was mysteriously missing from the initial announcement by publisher Southpeak, it has been confirmed that Two Worlds II will be released on the PS3 along side its PC, Mac and 360 counterparts next spring.

An action fantasy RPG (think Dragon Age: Origins but with less man/elf lovin’), Two Worlds II is the sequel to the popular Two Worlds PC/360 game from a couple of years ago. A PS3 version of the first game was also in the works but was ultimately canned. So, in other words, don’t count your medieval chickens just yet.

The release states:

Two Worlds II returns players to the realms of Antaloor, the high fantasy world of mysticism and awe from the first title, released in 2007.

Rescued from prison by former enemies, the player once again assumes control of the unnamed hero, only to find the world of Antaloor has been forever changed in their absence.

It goes on:

Antaloor is a mythic world of pristine savannahs and mordant swamps, celestial cities teeming with life that will rise or fall entirely depending of the player’s actions, as the reign of the implacable despot Gandohar threatens to throw the world into a state of irreversible decay.

Any press release that uses the word “mordant” is OK in our books. However, considering the “Oh yeah, the PS3 too” nature of the announcement, don’t be surprised in the PS3 version lands a little later than the others. Or the dreaded “shoddy port” factor rears its ugly head.

Two Worlds II is developed by Reality Pump, a TopWare Interactive studio.

Source: Press Release (PS3 version confirmation: Shacknews)