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Welcome to Cleric20

Submitted by on Monday, 23 November 20092 Comments

darkmattPlease give a warm welcome to our latest Contributor, Cleric20.

You may recognise his moniker, because Cleric20 has written guest articles for PS3 Attitude in the past. Also owner of movie review site, Dark Matters, he has often provided us with great game-based movie reviews, such as the recent Gamer.

Based in the UK, Cleric20 has been gaming since the days of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. However, he holds a firm belief that “games are best experienced on a Sony platform” and so he has quite a collection of Japanese plastic in his house.

We asked Cleric20 one of our usual inept ‘starter’ questions (those of you who follow PS3 Attitude will know what we’re talking about). This time around, the random question machine asked “what is your favourite beetle?”.

OK I’m generally not a fan of beetles (apart from the band and the car which both have merit). I still have nightmare flashbacks from when as a lad I chopped the head off a stag beetle which was bothering a lovely young lady I was playing with – the bastard carried on running around for about five minutes with no head! I later learnt that this is because beetles have hemolymph instead of blood, and an open circulatory system driven by a tube-like heart attached to the top inside of the thorax that can keep ’em going for some time after brain death… *shiver*

Please say a big hemolymph hello to Cleric20 in the comments…