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20 seconds of Fist of the North Star Musou gameplay

Submitted by on Wednesday, 2 December 20092 Comments

Hokuto Musou There isn’t much footage of Hokuto Musou out now, but about a month ago someone managed to upload 20 epic seconds of the game in action.

Not only is there not much footage of the game beyond the trailer and these 20 seconds, but not much is even known about the game. It apparently has been revealed though that the game will not only follow Kenshiro on his path to Raoh, but there will be an original storyline as well.

Hopefully Koei Tecmo will release Fist of the North Star Musou outside of Japan. All they need to do is slap a Dynasty Warriors name in front of it, similarly to what they did with Gundam.

If those 20 seconds of gameplay didn’t satisfy you, and you don’t mind seeing tons of text flying across the screen, then this next video is for you! There is sadly no sound in this video.