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3D Dot Game Heroes DLC planned

Submitted by on Thursday, 10 December 2009No Comment

3d Dot Game HeroesWe’ve dutifully focused our beady eyes on the charming 3D Dot Games Heroes of late and we hope it hasn’t gone amiss on your part.

Already out in Japan and confirmed by publisher Atlus for a release in NA sometime next year, the Zelda referencing RPG has got a lot of people excited due to its intriguing art style and reverence toward old-school gaming flair.

Even better, the game will support DLC, with Japan about to get the first of what we can assume will be many packs on December 25th. 

The bundle comprises of ten Block Defence stages along with ten custom character models for people to play around with. Considering it’s priced at ¥250 (roughly $2.75/€2.00/£1.75), we’re finding it real difficult to complain. And you now how much we love to moan about things around here.

Another ten characters priced at ¥100 (you do the math) will launch on January 8th. We’ll reach out to Atlus to see if this new content will make our shares and keep you posted.

Source: Destructoid