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Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta; 380K homeless and more

Submitted by on Tuesday, 15 December 2009One Comment

battlefield-bc2Since the launch of the Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta on November 19th, exclusively on the PS3, more than 300,000 players have logged into the server.

In addition, EA have released other statistics including kills, houses destroyed, and points awarded. Players have until December 21st (that’s next week) to sharpen their skills before the beta officially closes.

According to the Battlefield Blog,

  • Total kills = 45.42M
  • 9.4M kills from Vehicles
  • 3.43M Vehicles Destroyed
  • 380K Houses Destroyed
  • 1.01M Marksman Headshots
  • Total number of points awarded = 10 100 094 360
  • Total number of Revives = 2.52M
  • Total Repair Tool kills = 15.58K
  • Total Defibrillator Kills = 12.69k
  • Total Knife Kills = 1.69M
  • Total C4 Kills = 730.81K

Based on these stats alone, we’d deem the beta a success. If you weren’t able to get into the multiplayer action this time around, don’t fret. There is a demo scheduled for next year before the game’s release.