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Dante’s Inferno demo impressions; take us to Hell

Submitted by on Friday, 11 December 20093 Comments

dantes-inferno-deathDante Alighieri, whose epic poem we have come to love, has been given a massive makeover. Gone are the days of writing poetry and in its place is a warrior of the Crusades.

In Dante’s Inferno, Dante will find himself at the gates of Hell, Death’s scythe in hand, determined to rescue his love Beatrice from the clutches of Lucifer himself. But before we enter the fiery depths of the underworld, we must find how Dante came to this point.

Released yesterday, the demo explores the city of Acre along with Dante’s trip to the gates of Hell and serves as the prologue to the story and a taste of what’s to come.

In its opening cinematic, the Crusaders have been ordered by King Richard to capture the city of Acre and artifact. Upon arrival, Dante is met by rebellious villagers who refuse to stand by and watch their city burn. Making quick work of these townspeople should be no problem for Dante and his battle axe.

Controlling Dante with the left analog stick and evading with the right, you can perform both light and heavy attacks with your axe. It takes some getting adjusted to but you can actually feel the weight of the axe as you bring it crushing down on your enemies. Blood is plentiful as heads and limbs go flying everywhere.

Talk about a splitting headache...

Talk about a splitting headache...

Once you’ve had you fun with the villagers, one of them disappointingly stabs you in the back. Death then arises from the shadows to make you atone for your sins but you won’t be going without a fight.

After a few attempts, we were able to defeat Death with the help of a few quick time events and steal his fancy scythe. Here is where we noticed that evading could be improved a bit. While it works well for the most part, evading in fast-paced scenarios proves to be difficult. The flow of evading multiple times in a row just isn’t quite up to par yet. It’s not horrible; it just takes some getting used to.

Once Death has been dealt with, you return home only to find that your love Beatrice has been murdered. As you watch Lucifer take her down to the depths of Hell, you vow to rescue her. As you make your way to the gates of Hell, you’ll encounter skeletons, fiery demons, and minotaur-like creatures. You’ll also pick up the Holy Cross weapon that can be used as a projectile.

Once you have it, you can now punish or absolve enemies by pressing R2. As you gain experience from both, you’re able to upgrade your weapons; the scythe from punishing and the cross from absolving. Chaining together the scythe and cross is as easy as ever and it looks rather stylish on screen.

dantes-inferno absolve

The power of Christ compels you!

The demo ends with you riding the back of a giant beast as you open the gates of Hell and look ahead at the journey you’re about to take on. Hell is definitely not for the weak.

Since its appearance at E3, Dante’s Inferno has been called a God of War rip off by many. Personally, we see this as a good thing (you can never have too much God of War). Yes, there are plenty of similarities to the GoW series but just from the demo, Dante’s Inferno can stand on its own.

The controls could be tweaked somewhat but if the demo is any indication of how the full game is we’re going to be in for a treat. We cannot wait to go to Hell.