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Dark Void Cinematic Trailer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 1 December 20092 Comments

Dark VoidCapcom has just released what they are calling the “final” Dark Void cinematic trailer before the game releases in January.

Dark Void was one of the many games that jumped onto the delay train awhile back before that big bully Modern Warfare 2 came out. It’s understandable though since Capcom is taking a bit of a risk with Dark Void and the fact that it’s a new IP.

Brad Pitt has apparently taken notice of Dark Void and will be doing a film based off it too. We’ll have to wait to see if that ends up working out. Until then, here is the final cinematic trailer for Dark Void:

It would be nice to get a trailer that is packed full of really cool gameplay, but this is at least interesting. Dark Void releases in Europe on January 15. The NA release date is a week later than we thought, and will be coming out on the 19th of January. Are you excited?