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Demon’s Souls Pure White Tendency event starts today

Submitted by on Monday, 21 December 2009No Comment

Demon's Souls Today marks the beginning of the Pure White Tendency event in Demon’s Souls.

So what exactly does that mean?

As we reported a little over a week ago, Demon’s Souls will be getting easier. Enemies will be taking more damage from your attacks and they won’t be hitting as hard. Good news right? It gets even better. In addition to the weaker enemies, new locations and NPCs will magically materialize in certain locations of the game.

A similar event was done during the week of Halloween. Instead of Pure White, there was a Pure Black World Tendency and the game noticeably became more difficult. In both cases additional NPCs and areas are unlocked, but it is much more difficult to achieve a Pure White World Tendency. If you want to get some rare items this is the best time to go after them.

It should be noted that it may take a few log in attempts before the World Tendency reaches Pure White for you. During the Halloween event as long as you kept exiting and entering the game, you would see the WT become darker. The same concept applies for this event as well, so don’t be alarmed if nothing has changed yet.

The event will last until the 28th of December.