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Final Fantasy VIII “coming soon” to the PSN

Submitted by on Wednesday, 16 December 2009No Comment

FFVIIIFithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec

Final Fantasy VIII is finally coming out in North America. When? Soon!

Final Fantasy VIII has been out in Japan since September and ever since then fans have been begging for this game to be released in other regions. It was recently revealed that VIII had some issues during the QA process, so that’s why the game hasn’t hit the European PSN yet. But we never heard anything about North America, and it was beginning to become alarming.

And then it happened…

In the latest newsletter from SCEA, our beloved Final Fantasy VIII can be found resting comfortably in the “coming soon” section of the email in really tiny letters. Why they didn’t display an epic picture of Squall is beyond us, but it got our attention regardless and we can’t wait until the game finally comes out.

Releasing FFVIII as the final PSone Classic of the year would be a great way to finish off the promise Sony made at E309. Either way…

We’ll be waiting for you FFVIII…we promise.