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Firmware 3.15 is live – copy protected files can now be moved to a different PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 10 December 2009One Comment

psnFirmware 3.15 is now available to download.

In order to download this update, you’re going to need to manually go to “System Update” since this update is optional. Once you do that, you will be prompted to download the new firmware.

It’s interesting to see that Sony has been releasing more optional firmware updates lately, but this one actually does add some nice functionality that you may not want to miss out on.

Revealed earlier this week, firmware 3.15 features two new abilities for your PS3:

  • PSP Minis can now be played on the PS3. According to the PlayStation Blog, you won’t actually be able to play them until December 17th.
  • PS3 Data Transfer. This new feature will allow you to transfer your data from one PS3 to another by connecting them together with a LAN cable. Content such as games, game save data, and videos can be transferred to a different PS3 this way, but they will be deleted from the PS3 it originated from. According to the replies on the EU PlayStation Blog, copy protected saves will not be transferable.


So it appears that James Thorpe, PSN Product Manager, was wrong. According to the description on the PS3 itself, “saved data that is copy-protected can be transferred (moved)”. You can indeed move your copy-protected save files from one PS3 to another, but at a cost. All data on the receiving PS3 will be deleted. Yeah, you may not want to do that if your other PS3 already has tons of downloaded content and saves.

As always, if we find more additions, we’ll let you know.