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Heavy Rain Chronicles announced, Collector’s Edition detailed

Submitted by on Saturday, 19 December 2009No Comment

heavy_rain_madAfter the promise of Heavy Rain DLC a few days ago, it has now been officially announced that “Heavy Rain Chronicles” will be released after the game via the PlayStation Store.

These are described as additional scenes for the game that will help you understand the back story of some of the biggest characters in the thriller.

The first one is entitled “Heavy Rain: Chronicle One – The Taxidermist” and it will feature Madison Paige as she tracks down a serial killer. If you’re already interested you may be happy to hear that it will be releasing sooner than you may think.

In the US, Sony is offering the chance for gamers to get it for free by pre-ordering Heavy Rain from selected retailers. They are Amazon, GameCrazy and GameStop. Some retailers in the Canada are also offering the same deal, and the selected ones can be found here.

SCEE are going down a different route as they have announced a Collector’s Edition of the game. Inside will be a free voucher for the episode, official soundtrack of the game, and a rain-filled Dynamic theme.

This certainly sounds like the perfect alternative for Heavy Rain fanatics and it even comes in an attractive box:

Don't you just want to lick it!

Don't you just want to lick it!

Our hyped up metre has just gone up to max for this game, and so this Collector’s Edition will come in very handy!

Sources: EU PlayStation Blog | US PlayStation Blog