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Heavy Rain DLC confirmed; demo highly likely

Submitted by on Tuesday, 15 December 2009One Comment

Heavy RainSpeaking to our good friends over at Joystiq, Quantic Dream’s Guillaume de Fondaumiere touched upon the inherent difficulties of marketing Heavy Rain – a game that is such a departure from the usual gaming fare, people literally need to be shown it in order to get it. Hence, a playable demo before its release is highly likely.

Remarking how game testers have found the control system incredibly intuitive, it’s interesting to note how early players have not only warmed to the game’s method of interaction but state that, after a while, they also understand why the controls are they way they are. 

Finally, and considering how tentative he appears while revealing the following it’s possible he realised the magnitude of what he was technically confirming just as he was saying it, Guillaume pleads with people not to sell the game upon completion as:

“You’ll need it to continue and experience more episodes in the months following the launch of the game.”

We’ve embedded the interview here for your ocular and aural pleasure. It’s four minutes and fifteen seconds. What other more important things have you got to do right this minute?

Source: Joystiq