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Life With PlayStation updated to 1.2

Submitted by on Tuesday, 15 December 2009No Comment

psnchSony has finally updated Life With PlayStation again today, bringing the service to version 1.20.

Life With PlayStation provides PS3 users with various channels that provide content from the internet.

They include content such as weather and news from the LIVE channel, or the ever-so-popular Folding@Home application that allows you to contribute your console’s power to help simulate protein-folding.

With this new update, users from the United States are treated to a new PSN Game Trailers channel. Here, you can stream video content for games available on the store and find out additional information about the titles available. You can even purchase content straight from the channel without exiting LWP.

It really is a great addition to the service, but it is a real shame that right now it’s exclusive to US citizens. Hopefully it will soon spread beyond the region across the globe so everyone can take advantage of it.

But what we really would like to see is this channel put onto the XMB under the GAME section and replace the annoying PlayStation Store link – and everyone’s happy!

Still, well done Sony at adding more reasons to like Life With PlayStation.

But there’s more. United Village now supports video playback too and Life With PlayStation also allows users to watch photo slideshows.

In our opinion, Life With PlayStation is a service that should be pushed further forward in Sony’s priority list as it has a lot of potential at delivering content that the XMB currently lacks.

Oh and don’t forget to join our Folding@Home team (153565) if you have yet to do so! More details available here.