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Modern Warfare 2 javelin glitch fix is on the way

Submitted by on Saturday, 5 December 20095 Comments

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Glitchers, your days are numbered! Infinity Ward has announced that with version 1.06, the javelin glitch will be no more.

While it seems like the PSN will not be banning punks that do the javelin glitch, this is a far better solution anyway.

When starting up Modern Warfare 2, you may notice that there is a new update that was just released. According to fourzerotwo, version 1.05 improves matchmaking online. Nobody cares about that, right?

As for 1.06, here is what is being fixed:

PS3 update 1.06 is the javelin fix, care package glitch fix, and addresses areas where players could get into geo. Like rocks on Afghan

Swoot! Take that glitchers! In light of this news, those fools are most likely going to be glitching 10 times as hard now. That’s fine, let them get it out of their system. Once this fix is live, they are going to be lost without their precious crutch.

Keep up the good work Infinity Ward! We’ll keep you updated once the patch is up.