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Patchwork: Modern Warfare 2 and Dragon Age: Origins receive updates

Submitted by on Wednesday, 9 December 20092 Comments

Modern Warfare 2 What did we do when games shipped as fixed, unalterable entities, warts and all? Oh yeah, we just got on with it (while usually exploiting every known glitch as much as possible.)

Two recent games that have gone down well with the masses have just received updates. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now actually Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (1.06) while BioWare’s seminal fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins is now up to a mighty version 1.02. 

The biggest element of the MW2 update is the removal of the controversial “Javelin Glitch”. In case you’ve been living in a hole in Afghanistan of late, this is the practice of detonating yourself through the use of some contemptible suicide tactics in an effort to take down as many mofos as possible. The unlimited care packages exploit and some other minor issues have also been fixed.

For Dragon Age: Origins, the changes are less “stop bastards cheating”, and more tinkering with the finer sides of balance and gameplay. You can find the rundown of what’s been tweaked here.

Sources: TheSixthAxis /  Joystiq