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PlayStation Home: A Festivus for the rest of us!

Submitted by on Friday, 4 December 2009One Comment

festivus-yesIf you’re a Home user in North America, you may have noticed the “Festive Pole” in the furniture store today, and your initial reaction was probably “WTF”.

What’s it all about? We’ll tell you, because it’s actually quite funny and disturbing.

After browsing through the Home forums today, it has become clear that many people have no clue what this is in reference to. So here’s a little story:

Back in 1997, there was an episode of Seinfield called “The Strike” that made the holiday of Festivus popular. For those that celebrate Christmas, a tree is usually put up and decorated. Well, for Festivus there is no tree and instead there is a an aluminum pole. Down with materialism and commercialism!

What’s so great about Festivus? Everything! During this glorious day you can take part in “The Airing of Grievances”. It’s exactly as it sounds. Still need an explanation? We’ll let Frank Costanza tell you then:

… at the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around, and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year!

After you’re done eating and all grievances have been aired out, the “Feats of Strength” will begin. Oh yes, the fun has only just begun. The head of the household needs to be wrestled and pinned down by the person chosen in order for the day to finish.

When doing some fact checking on the internet, it was revealed that people actually do celebrate Festivus. They even sell aluminum poles just for that day. Not only that, but there was a weirder version of it that actually existed before it was modified by a scriptwriter for Seinfield. There are even books about it! And here we thought it was all fun and games…


Chun-Li celebrates Festivus. Do you?

Festivus is celebrated on December 23rd, so don’t miss out! You can buy your Festivus pole in the furniture store in the Home Mall for $0.99. In an attempt to not completely waste your time, there are two free items in the furniture store as well. Enjoy!

Happy Festivus!