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PS3 Attitude’s Most Wanted Games of 2010 #4 – ModNation Racers

Submitted by on Sunday, 27 December 20097 Comments

modnation1Call us suckers for Mario Kart. Accuse us even of being bedazzled by the majesty of LittleBIGPlanet. But what you can’t do is claim that the team here at PS3 Attitude don’t recognise or admire innovative new IPs that challenge the norm.

United Front Games’ ModNation Racers represents yet another groundbreaking title in the “Play. Create. Share.” collection Sony hopes will expand and entice new gamers. It’s a simple and endearing motto; almost a new sub-genre that began with Sackboy’s platforming antics and now expands into the racing arena.

Without ModNation Racers’ wealth of custom-created content we have to admit that the game would not have made our top ten. In fact, it probably would not have even garnered a single vote. It’s a telling indication of why exactly we want it so much. Not for its racing qualities – though the races do look like a whole load of fun – no, we desire ModNation Racers so fervently in order to feed the budding track designer that exists in all of us.


The tech behind the game is robust, user-friendly and seemingly limitless. We can’t wait to get our hands on the tools so as to create vehicles, quirky characters and – most of all – fearful tracks to confound our peers.


ModNation Racers is currently in a closed beta. For the select few out there who have already experienced the thrill of creating your own levels and unleashing them on your unwary friends, you already know just how infectious and addictive ModNation Racers is. The rest of us are expected to fall under its spell sometime in 2010’s second quarter.

Our very own Trackmania on the PS3, with a sprinkle of loveable customisable characters and a splosh of Mario Kart-like controllability. Could be the surprise hit of the year, given enough marketing push – PS3 Attitude’s DolphGB

Race-track creators, prepare to start your engines …