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PS3 Attitude’s Most Wanted Games of 2010 #9 – 3D Dot Game Heroes

Submitted by on Tuesday, 22 December 2009One Comment

3D Dot Game HeroesIt’s a testament to the allure simple yet compelling gameplay has over us here at PS3 Attitude that a game like 3D Dot Game Heroes could even make the short-list of our Most Wanted games of 2010 – never mind feature in the top ten.

Something of an homage to the games we played in short-pants, Silicon Studios have quite blatantly approached what is regarded as one of gaming’s all-time classics, The Legend of Zelda, and created what can only be seen as a new-age blocky reverence to the seminal title.

There are other references of course but – if you’ve already played The Legend of Zelda – prepare to play it again, this time with blocks.

It should be noted that though there is a strong nostalgic and almost panegyric theme to 3D Dot Game Heroes, it is still a game in its own right and even has its own plot. Expect dark plagues, evil kings and a hero rising up against all odds in true good versus evil fashion.

In accordance with its retro influences, the gameplay consists of dungeon-crawling, fighting enemies and solving puzzles as you go. Of course, the most notable element of the entire game is its aesthetic, with characters and environments created entirely out of blocks. The presentation is genius and really gives the game a unique and enchanting feel.

Wow. I can see my house from here.

Wow. I can see my house from here.

It’s a charming design quirk and, as a graphical choice, it adds a strong sense of ingenuity and freshness to what is admittedly a tried and trusted formula. Of course, with the advances in gaming since the era from which this title is inspired, Silicon Studios haven’t stopped there. Including a customised creation tool, players will be able to create their very own weapons and characters to play within the cuboid game universe. It’s a nice touch, and one we’re sure those of you with some creative flair are going to get a tremendous kick out of.

Who knew plastic blocks could explode?

Who knew plastic blocks could explode?

3D Dot Game Heroes is not your typical game. As PS3 Attitude’s Delriach so eloquently states:

This is a love letter to retro gaming, what more needs to be said?

3D Dot Game Heroes launched in Japan in November while our friends from Atlus will publish a NA version on May 11th. There is no current news of a EU release, but we live in hope.