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PS3 Attitude’s Most Wanted Games of 2010 #8 – Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Submitted by on Wednesday, 23 December 20094 Comments

Final Fantasy Versus XIIIWhile some may focus on mega-title Final Fantasy XIII, it’s its darker, more sinister twin that takes 8th spot on our Most Wanted Games of 2010 list.

It’s quite amazing that it made the shortlist at all really, especially considering practically nothing is known of SquareEnix’s surprise package, and it’s only recently that we’ve even seen some gameplay footage. It’s simply a testament to the game’s alluring appeal and apparent departure from the norm that it garnered so many votes from the staff here at PS3 Attitude.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII calls to our edgier nature; a Final Fantasy game without the usual clearly noble and traditonal themes. It’s a goth’s dream game, infused with moody protagonists and  foreboding motifs, Versus also has the potential to completely polarise the RPG community when it finally (no pun intended) launches sometime next year.

Mmm ... sparkles ...

Mmm ... sparkles ...

Part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII compilation which includes its bigger brother and Final Fantasy Agito XIII on the PSP, Versus is a stand-alone game with a different style and characters despite existing in what is essentially one universe.

The plot surrounds the premise of crystals and the last remaining nation who controls them. The heir to this nation is the sullen Noctus, a young and dedicated member of a family compared by the game’s designers to modern day Yakuza; Japan’s organised crime syndicate. In other words: Noctus may not have been born into the most righteous of families.

With a name that translates from Latin to “Light of the Night Sky,” Noctus controls a myriad of weapons through telekinesis, a benefit from being a benefactor of the aforementioned crystals.

Blondes can be emo too, you know

Blondes can be emo too, you know

Joining Noct on this tale is Stella Fox (from the Latin “Night Star”), a member of the opposing royal family of Tenebrae which, funnily enough, is Latin for “Darkness.” Light and darkness – you can see where this is going. Mimicking their moniker’s descriptive nature, there would appear to be a touch of star-crossed lovers / Romeo & Juliet type theme going on in Final Fantasy Versus XIII we’re looking forward to delving deeper into.

We feel the following quote sums up why Versus is just so beguiling to us:

Since seeing the initial trailer, I’ve become entranced with this new, darker addition to the Final Fantasy series – PS3 Attitude’s Majiesto

Will Versus’ more straight-laced sibling feature higher in our top ten? Or has Versus already scored a minor victory and trumped XIII in terms of one team’s anticipation? Find out when our remaining picks are revealed this week.