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PS3 Attitude’s Most Wanted Games of 2010 #1 – God of War III

Submitted by on Wednesday, 30 December 20095 Comments

god-of-war-3 Huge. Epic. Ferocious.

Three words that could equally be used to describe God of War III or its Spartan god-slaying protagonist Kratos.

Of course, we could spend all day coming up with other superlatives to express the majesty of God of War III.

Groundbreaking, relentless, eye-popping. We’ll stop there, not because there’s any chance of running out of adjectives, but because words have a strange way of not living up to the grandeur Sony Santa Monica Studio’s legendary tale of Greek mythology and gratuitous violence will deliver next year.

By now you will have seen the footage. You may even have been one of the lucky ones to get your hands on the demo. The fact is, nothing really prepares you for what it’s actually like to swing the big Greek’s Blades of Chaos into a horde of oncoming soon-to-be-mince foes.

god_of_w3The fluidity of the animation, the lush and strikingly deftness of  the lighting, all coming together to produce some of the best non-stop action sequences we have ever seen.

In a year when action titles really came into their own, Santa Monica have sat back, comfortable in the knowledge that, come next year, everything you think you know about action is about to be torn asunder by the Ghost of Sparta and a serious case of bad attitude.


Detractors will say it’s merely a pretty hack’n’slash game; a button-basher for the droves of gamers who care little for strategy, subtly and skill. We say you’re in the minority, that some games just need to be a hardcore ass-handing riot.

God of War III is a visceral rollercoaster ride into the depths of depravity and back. If you don’t believe us, look at all those people who eagerly picked up God of War Collection – a pair of games some had already played before to death – just to avail of what is essentially an HD aperitif to the main event.

It’s for these reasons that God of War III graces the top of our Most Wanted Games of 2010 list. In the end, it wasn’t even close, with God of War III receiving 12% more votes than nearest rival for the top spot Heavy Rain. Interesting, the game did not receive any writers’ individual number one pick, suggesting perhaps that, to make it to the overall (and democratic)  Most Wanted position, it’s a game of such importance that, though all of us want at least one game more than it, we all – collectively – still must have it as part of our top five. In fact, only one writer placed it out of their top three. That’s a pretty impressive feat considering the hundreds of games scheduled to be released on the PS3 next year.

Kratos is coming people. And he’s as pissed off as he ever was. We can’t wait.

This concludes our Most Wanted Games of 2010 feature. We know our list will not match yours but if you’re interested in the games that didn’t make our top ten but still picked up a share of the votes, check back in tomorrow where we’ll reveal what made the top twenty but fell at the last hurdle.