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Q-Games would consider a Racers trophy patch

Submitted by on Monday, 14 December 20092 Comments

PixelJunk RacersResponding to calls for a Trophy update to Q-Games’ first PixelJunk game, Racers, on the official PixelJunk forums, producer and friend-of-the-show, Dylan Cuthbert has responded that it’s definitely something they “should think about.”

Commenting how it’s a shame that the addictive Racers is the only PJ game with out Trophy support, Dylan goes on to wonder if Sony will foot the bill for the debugging of the patch.

What’s interesting to note is just how many people on the forum admit to having not picked up Racers yet, despite being on a messageboard purely dedicated to the PixelJunk games.

In other words: something seems to be holding them back. Or they at least need a small shove in the right direction in order to pick up this enjoyable game.

Perhaps it’s time for a Racers Encore? It would be a good way to cover the cost of implementing trophies (which, as we’ve said before, is not just a simple case of pressing a button and, voilá!, Trophies!).

It’s nice to see that Dylan is at least open to the idea. Our recommendation is to visit the thread on the forum and tell Dylan that, if he builds it, you will thank him by picking it up. And then, you know, actually picking it up.

Thanks TheSixthAxis.