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The reason why Final Fantasy VIII hasn’t hit the European PSN yet

Submitted by on Friday, 4 December 2009No Comment

Final Fantasy VIII Game Over 2By now you are most likely fed up with SCE Europe releasing random PSone Classics that nobody cares about. Winnie the Pooh? Come on now, we want the real Classics!

Well, someone on the PS Blog asked Sony about Final Fantasy VIII and actually got a reply back. Fans will be quite pleased and disappointed with the response.

Every week on the European PlayStation Blog numerous people cry about the lack of classic games releasing. While in the US games like Resident 3, Blood Omen, and Soul Reaver have come out recently, Europe has been screwed over with games like Peter Pan and other embarrassing titles.

When asked if FFVIII was going to come out this year, here is what Mike Kebby from the PS Store Team had to say:

I doubt it’ll be this year now…but it is still coming, that much I can say at the moment.

That’s nice that it’s coming and all, but what’s the hold up? Mike gave an answer to that too:

It’s had issues in the QA process, nothing we can do about that one I’m afraid. We want the game to launch without problems, so it has to go back through QA again hence the hold up.

Having played the US version of Final Fantasy VIII, there were no noticeable issues. This apparently isn’t the case for EU PS3s though, and depending on the version of the game (Platinum, for instance), compatibility issues exist. Back in late September we reported that Final Fantasy VIII was released in Japan, so there seems to be no problems there.

In the US the disc version of Silent Hill had sound and freezing issues, and those disappeared when it was finally released onto the PSN. Whatever the issue is for FFVIII, hopefully Sony fixes it in a timely manner. It does make us wonder how many games haven’t been released yet due to the same reasons.

We now know why Europe doesn’t have VIII yet, but why hasn’t it been released in North America? Perhaps someone should leave a comment on the US PlayStation Blog to see if a response is given.