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Confirmed: Sony lay off 80 contingent testers in Foster City

Submitted by on Tuesday, 15 December 2009No Comment

foster_cityOver the last two months, a number of people working at the Foster City First Party Quality Assurance have known they are living on borrowed time as SCEA look to consolidate their team.

The news that 30 full time positions were to be axed broke recently as Patrick Seybold confirmed the strategic plans for the region, but the contract position losses were unclear. PS3 Attitude can now reveal, thanks to an inside source, the extent of the cuts.

It had all been going so well for the team at Foster City FPQA. Our source tells us how positive everyone felt earlier on in the year:

“At our Annual Holiday Sony meeting in Redwood City, Jack Tretton stood up in front of us all and said he was proud of the fact that the company hasn’t laid off anyone and that, in fact, we continue to grow.”

Despite what had been said to them by Jack Tretton and others in the past few months, the team were given notice of the plans two months ago. Here’s one person’s story:

“We just closed the deal with Slant Six Games on SOCOM Confrontation patch 1.60, which was released to the masses this morning at 2am. It cleared through Format QA in all regions, though SCEE is still testing the Cold Front DLC through the weekend.

We let roughly 80 contingent testers go yesterday at the end of the day, and have been counting down the hours to our demise which is expected to happen tomorrow. We are also getting our final checks, PTO paid out and a swift kick in the rear, but not sure if that will take place early in the day or later.

I will miss all my friends and co-workers, though I will be making an effort to visit them once or twice a month.”

This is not the first time Foster City has had to bear such redundancies; roughly 80 to 100 employees were laid off in the same offices back in June 2007.

We wish everyone affected at Foster City well. If you used to work within the team as a full-timer or a contractor, there is a private Facebook Group you can join to keep in touch with your former colleagues.