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Sony patents show off Motion Controller abominations

Submitted by on Tuesday, 8 December 20092 Comments

Motion Controller patentWe love patents.

Not only do they give us an early look into what a company may (or may not) be planning for us consumers in the near future, they’re also the source of some of the biggest WTF moments in gaming history.

Filing a whole slew of papers in relation to its upcoming Motion Controller, Sony have proffered a glimpse into a bizarre world of add-ons, interchangeable doohickeys, and some interesting possibilities when it comes to how they may proceed when it comes to using the new controller with other devices.

Officially entitled “Expandable Control Device Via Hardware Attachment”, the patent clearly shows that the “sphere” can be removed thus allowing for devices to connect to one another.

There’s also a biometric thumb print reader, the ability to switch out the face buttons for a d-pad (which would remove that whole “holding a Dualshock in one hand to navigate” issue) along with other arcane combinations and configurations that would make a Transformer blush.

Remember: patents are the official “what ifs” of the gaming universe. Nothing on display here may ever see the light of day. We are holding out for the Official Sony Baseball Bat Attachment, however.

Check the link for the full gallery.

Source: Kotaku