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Super Street Fighter IV – character select screen and new gameplay videos – UPDATE

Submitted by on Saturday, 19 December 2009No Comment

Seth and his SnuggieWhen was the last time there was a week without some sort of Street Fighter news? In fact, we’ve discussed SSFIV three times this week in the last three or four days!

This time we get to see the bonus rounds in action with commentary from Seth Killian (as seen wearing a SFIV snuggie). A picture of the character select screen has also surfaced, but what does it reveal?

Update: A video of the Famitsu live stream is up and it shows gameplay from Super Street Fighter IV.

Recently there was a live stream with producer Yoshinori Ono that gave a sneak peak of Super Street Fighter IV in action (video is at the top of the article). Members of the NeoGaf forum were able to get screen captures of some of the menus in the game, and that includes the character select screen.

The picture below is the analyzed version of the screen cap. Not only does it show us that there will be four more characters to be revealed, but the location of the characters are based on their appearances in the series. Take a look:

Character Select Analysis

So as we can see, the new characters in Super SFIV are going to be on the exact opposite side of each other. Who could the last three characters be? If the rumors and teases are correct, it looks like we’re going to see Street Fighter III characters making their way into the game. As we mentioned previously, Ibuki has been heavily teased and there was a rumored new character list (featuring Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, and newcomer Hakan) before the game was even announced. Not only has the list been 100% accurate up to this point, but this new screen shot seems to completely legitimize the rumor even further. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if that actually turns out to be true. It should be noted that the rumored Hakan character was also recently teased and you can see that picture in the gallery at the end of this article.

Here is some footage from Gamespot that shows Adon, Cody, Guy, and the new Bonus Rounds in action!

And finally, here are a bunch of pics that show the menus of the game, a snuggie, and the new characters and stages in Super Street Fighter IV. Enjoy!

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