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New Super Street Fighter IV Q&A and screenshots – Whose kunai is that?

Submitted by on Friday, 11 December 2009One Comment

SSFIV posterIt’s that time of the week again. The official Super Street Fighter IV blog has updated and new information has been revealed and teased. Wondering if you need to rebuy the alternate costumes from the original Street Fighter IV? That is just one of the topics discussed.

Once again Azrael from SRK has translated the latest SSFIV blog post, and it’s a very lengthy Q&A session. A lot of the questions asked were pretty pointless, but there were some that allowed for some informative answers.

The first announcement is that all the characters in Super Street Fighter IV will have their own themes. In SFIV characters like Balrog and Vega didn’t have their own theme, so it’s good to know that everyone will have “cool remixes”.

The second announcement is that the alternate costumes from Street Fighter IV will not be in from the beginning. However, if you bought the costumes already, you will be able to download them for free. It’s good to know that you won’t have to rebuy costumes, although it’s odd that they aren’t given to everyone. Oh well. It does look like SSFIV might get new alternate costumes as well since official answer regarding that was “Just wait for more info!”, but we’ll really have to wait and see.

Back when Guy, Cody, and Adon were first revealed, there was a mysterious kunai in one of the pictures. Well, that kunai is teased yet again. When asked if there will be another fighter that uses weapons, and the following picture of Sakura (below) was shown. It’s a zoomed in shot so you can’t see who is doing the attack.

SSFIV Sakura and a kunai

Could it be Ibuki?

Before TGS09, there was a rumored list of new characters for Super Street Fighter IV when the game wasn’t even announced yet. Capcom has so far revealed six new characters, and they all happened to be on the rumored list. One of the characters that hasn’t been announced yet according to that rumor is Ibuki, but we’ll have to wait until Capcom makes an official announcement to see if she’s actually in. It seems like this is becoming likely though based on the teasers from Capcom. If this is indeed true, Ibuki will be the first Street Fighter III character to make it into IV.

It was also revealed that once you beat the Arcade Mode, you can play the Bonus Stages in Challenge Mode. There will apparently be no online rankings for the Bonus Stages though. It’s a bit of a shame that we can’t see who is the best in the world at beating up cars, but we’ll live. Sadly, there will be no guy running out at the end saying “That’s my car!” either. Apparently Capcom didn’t want to give the idea that these fighters were doing something wrong. Yeah…

For the Ultra meter, the name of the move will now be displayed. You may remember that all characters have two Ultra attacks now, so it makes sense to be reminded of the one that you currently are using. No new moves for any of the original cast has been revealed yet, although Capcom is currently working on a trailer to show them off eventually.

For the full version of the Q&A session, head to the iplaywinner link at the end of this article. Some of the information isn’t new, but there are details that one may find interesting. In the pictures below, there are some screenshots that show off new stages in addition to another kunai tease. Be sure to check them out!