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Super Street Fighter IV – Cody detailed

Submitted by on Tuesday, 8 December 2009No Comment

Cody_04It’s that time again. The official Super Street Fighter IV blog has updated and more details about the game have surfaced. If you’re a fan of Cody, this is a must read.

In the latest blog post (translated by Azrael from the SRK forums), Cody is discussed by two developers of the game. According to the details, it appears that the developers had to make quite a few changes to the gameplay in SFIV specifically for Cody.

If you don’t know much about Cody, he’s a character from Final Fight. He was a dude that wore a white shirt and blue jeans and kicked a lot of ass. In Street Fighter Alpha 3 he was a character who broke out of prison just to kicked some ass. Cody has a unique ability that allows him to pick up a knife that is laying conveniently on the ground and use it against his opponent.

For Super Street Fighter IV it has been revealed that the knife ability is obviously back, and that due to the popularity of Cody’s character based on his SFA3 appearance, that is the version that they put into the game. In addition to being able to pick up a knife, Cody also has a counter attack that only he can do. According to Tamamura-san, Cody isn’t a character that has just one tactic that he can always rely on. Due to that, he’s going to be more of an advanced character to play as.


Chun-Li let him

It was also revealed that Cody hasn’t lost any of his moves from SFA3, and that he can also whack opponents with a wrench or a pipe. When Cody was first revealed we saw him using a wrench during his focus attack, so maybe those weapons are reserved for certain attacks? We don’t know at this point. The developers also messed around with Cody by allowing him to dodge, but it was apparently pretty broken so they canned it.

There’s a whole lot more discussed, and if you want to read the translated blog post, head to the iplaywinner link at the end of this article. It’s well worth the read if you’re interested in knowing more about the character and the challenges that the developers faced when putting Cody into the game.