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Super Street Fighter IV – The New Stages

Submitted by on Friday, 18 December 2009No Comment

SSFIV_africa15Korea, India, Africa, and Metro City. A look at the many aspects of the new stages in Super Street Fighter IV.

NAKKY’s latest blog on the official SSFIV website has been translated by JigSaw, but most of it is just commentary on random parts of the stages. You aren’t missing much if you decide to just view the pictures below.

The variety in each level is pretty astounding and every stage has its own charm to it. Africa in particular looks really neat, and seeing the animals interact with the water is visually pleasing.

The backgrounds in a fighting game are at many times forgotten due to the focus being on the action on screen. There are just so many little details in each stage that bring them to life, and they deserve to be appreciated more. We can’t wait to finally see them up close when the game comes out in Spring 2010.

If you want to read the translation to the blog post, be sure to check out the link below.