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Sony survey suggests ideas for premium PlayStation Network subscription

Submitted by on Monday, 21 December 20095 Comments

ps3_psnA few days ago a survey on behalf of Sony was doing the rounds for a few PlayStation 3 users on ideas for a premium subscription model.

We have already heard straight from Kaz Hirai that Sony are planning on introducing a premium subscription edition of the PlayStation Network on top of the free registration.

This new survey throws out ideas for features to the public that could be bundled with the subscription, and they offer four different options. Now there is no certainty that any of these concepts will come to anything, but it does give an idea of what Sony are thinking about.

Three of the options go by an annual subscription of $69.99, or $9.99 per month. Another option suggests a smaller $29.99 per year or $4.99 per month.

So what features is Sony suggesting? Well they include enhancements such as one hour free trials of full games, access to betas, discounts on store content, cloud storage for games, catch-up TV and Facebook connectivity.

Some interesting features there, especially cloud storage for games which we have yet to see in the mainstream.

Despite Sony saying that they will not reduce what features and content gamers who stick to the free model enjoy, some of the suggested features include Member only in-game content which to us does sound like it would restrict the amount of future content non-subscribed users receive.

Also judging from these suggestions, and the fact that Sony hope to have a subscription model by the end of 2010, it suggests Sony has been busy behind closed doors developing the premium software – after all the PlayStation Network has hardly changed feature-wise this year.

Anyway have a look at the picture below and choose your favourite option, then tell us in the comments!

What's it gonna be then eh?

What's it gonna be then eh?